Message from John D'Ardis owner of Trend Duplication.



Hi  Everyone

 After 47 very enjoyable years in the music business I have decided to call it a day, retire and to wind up Trend Duplication. 

From the 1st June 2015 Trend Duplication will no longer longer  be offering a  replication or recording studio service.

As the founder  and owner of Trend I'd like to offer my thanks and appreciation to all the many great people who have worked in Trend  over the years and to wish them all well into the future.

Of course I would also like to thank the many companies and individual artists who were kind enough to entrust  their business to Trend over the years and  would like to wish them all success in the very challenging world of today's music and  media.

 Best Wishes

 John D'Ardis

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